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Will Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing Ruin Your Life?

This multi-level marketing training video was prompted because there’s a gentleman selling a high-ticket sales course on YouTube by putting out profane videos stating “F--- yes it will!”

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Not Getting Customers... is Illegal?

Is it legal and ethical to sell "the potential of earning money?" The haters and skeptics out there accuse network marketers of "just trying to get other people to join their business." They say we "don't get customers" or that "it's a total scam" or a "sham", even "illegal". Lots to unpack here, so let's […]

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Network Marketing: Is Recruiting A Bad Thing?

I saw a comment against network marketing recently that said, “THEY’RE just trying to get other people to join their business...”  as if recruiting is a bad thing.   But I had to pause for a moment… because, doesn’t every organization have to recruit?   Sports teams recruit.  Churches recruit. Colleges recruit.  The military recruits. Charities recruit... […]

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Tim Sales is a trainer, author and speaker who has been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 20 years. Tim has worked with thousands of leaders, consulted hundreds of Network Marketing companies and taught a Network Marketing Certification Course at The University of Chicago, Illinois. Tim has a passion for teaching and his pragmatic approach to training has helped hundreds of thousands of Network Marketers have success in their business.
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