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#1 rated breakout speaker at Eric Worre's "GoPro 2019"

An unforgettable event calls for an unforgettable speaker who...
  • Draws an audience – Tim is one of the world’s most recognized experts on network marketing
  • Engages an audience – Tim is not only a speaker, he is also former Navy Special Operations with a story to tell
  • Relates to the audience – Tim is a regular guy, an entrepreneur, who has succeeded and failed and lived to tell about it
  • Believes in the audience – Tim is a champion for network marketers, and he's truly interested in the audience's success

  • Empowers the audience – Tim gives the audience powerful and actionable tools and techniques that drive results

  • And gives it all he’s got – Tim does everything to make your event remarkable

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You've found your guy!
Tim Sales is the bestselling author of Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter. He's unapologetic about network marketing and frames it in a whole new way for your audience. Make your event the talk of the industry!
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How we can work together...

  1. Book Tim!
  2. Select and customize the perfect presentation.
  3. Tim gives the audience more than expected. Now they have certainty  about the industry.
  4. You get the glory.
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"Tim Sales is a Network Marketing Expert"

Grant Cardone

10X Sales Trainer, Speaker,
and Entrepreneur

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