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Are You Too Good for Network Marketing?

Do you feel like network marketing is below you? Afraid it might cause you to lose some status points with your friends and family? There's a perception some people have that you have to recruit your friends and neighbors -- something that sounds uncomfortable. But that's not how network marketing has to be done at […]

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Is Network Marketing Professional? Is it Ethical? Is it Legit?

Today we're taking a look at whether network marketing is an actual profession and look at who's actually doing MLM these days. CEOs? Managers? Franchise owners? Real estate investors? Senators? Congressmen? Military? School teachers? Unemployed? The answers might surprise you. There's a perception many people have that you have to recruit your friends and neighbors, […]

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Did Someone Ask You to Look at MLM?

What do you do when someone is trying to recruit you to get into Network Marketing? Today we're going to be talking about MLM lies, disproved. Before you say yes (or no), let me give you some things to think about... You need to know the TRUTH about MLM. I've been in this industry for […]

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Are Network Marketing Products Expensive?

Almost every prospect I've ever spoken to about my network marketing products asks about the price at some point in the conversation. But that doesn't mean they're objecting.  They simply need someone to explain why network marketing products cost what they do, and demonstrate the value to them. Is Price Most Important? I'm going to […]

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Do Network Marketing Businesses Collapse?

Does every multi level marketing company eventually collapse, like a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme would? And if so, is it possible to lose all your money? Is there ever a point where you run out of leads and "get stuck" at the bottom? Let's talk about it... Skeptics say that MLM relies on […]

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Is Network Marketing a Cult?
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How Network Marketing Got A Bad Reputation

Have you ever wondered how Network Marketing got a bad reputation? I got the chance to talk to a billionaire the other day, and he asked me the same thing. Which got me thinking... Today I'm going to take you through the history of this industry and pinpoint how it happened, who's responsible, and what […]

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MLM Success Rate... Can YOU Beat the Odds?

What is the MLM success rate for people who join? Who really succeeds, and what can you do to beat the odds? A recent report painted a pretty dismal picture, but is it accurate, or misleading propaganda from an industry skeptic? We decided to take a closer look at what the numbers really mean, and […]

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Do the People at the Top Make All the Money in MLM?

The people at the top make all the money. That's what we're gonna be talking about today. Hi my name is Tim Sales. if we haven't met yet I've been in the network marketing industry for about 30 years I've made many millions of dollars I taught network marketing at the University of illinois-chicago on […]

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Ponzi Scheme vs Network Marketing... What's the Difference?

Have you ever heard somebody say "Network Marketing is a Ponzi scheme" or "like a Ponzi scheme"? In my 30+ years in Network Marketing, I've been asked this question thousands of times.  Thousands. I was even interviewed by Larry King having to do with Ponzi Schemes vs Network Marketing (and he grilled me about it […]

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