Have you ever wondered what is the difference between people who succeed in Network Marketing and those who fail miserably? 

Today’s blog post was inspired by an interview that I watched with top investment manager Ray Dalio, when he said that the top 1/10th of 1% of the population's net worth is equal to about the bottom 90% combined. 


He called this the “wealth gap.” When he was describing what he thought the main societal problem was that led to this wealth gap, he said, “Twenty-two percent of the high school population is either disconnected or disengaged.”

That comment spoke to me, because I've been in the industry of network marketing for 30 years, and I’ve found this factor of being connected and engaged in learning, to play a key role in whether you make millions or not in network marketing.

So I’m going to really drill down into this topic to give you a conceptual understanding of what it takes for real success in network marketing.  

The Grades Of Network Marketing

There are some people who are bad at network marketing and some people who are elite and there are levels in between. 

If we were in school, the difference would be an A student and an F student. 

Here are the grades of network marketers:

The F student 

  • Is very unprofessional
  • Doesn’t get trained
  • Doesn’t go to events
  • Lies about income and makes false product claims
  • Uses spam as their prospecting method 
  • Has a very low, sporadic productivity level 
  • They know very little about the industry itself 
  • Only care about making money and not about making people’s lives better
  • They don't end up having any success

And it’s also worth noting that they are the ones that give Network Marketing a bad name and typically end up on something like 60 Minutes, playing the victim because they “failed”. 

The D student 

  • Is also unprofessional
  • Their productivity level is generally low
  • They have a low training interest and complain about going through the training
  • They lack certainty in the industry, their company and their products
  • They harm personal relationships because they are AWKWARD. 

They can make, at a generous estimate, up to about MAYBE $10,000 in their entire career.

The C student

  • Is usually professional
  • Has a moderate level of production
  • Has a good general understanding of the industry, their products and their company
  • They get trained but usually don’t train their downline well enough to get duplication
  • They have good relationships with people

They can earn up to about $75,000 a year. 

The B student 

  • Is very professional
  • Is recognized as a leader
  • Has a high level of production
  • Has a  high level of knowledge
  • They train their teams and ensure duplication
  • They build and cultivate relationships with people

They usually earn about $250,000 a year. 

The A students are the elite:

  • Highly professional in every aspect
  • A very high consistent activity level
  • Highly knowledgeable about the industry, company and products
  • Serves their teams at the highest levels
  • Obsessed with training 
  • They have outstanding relationships with people

They are the ones who earn millions of dollars in network marketing. 


These “grades” are to give you a better understanding of the different categories of people and their respective level of success in network marketing.

What Ray Dalio was talking about “the wealth gap” being due to 22% of high school population that are disconnected or disengaged, is not any different in network marketing.

The ones who are disconnected and disengaged in learning and training will fail. The ones who are connected and engaged in learning and training, will win. It’s that simple. 

The more people that we can get to understand that training is the key to success in network marketing, the better the whole industry is going to be. 

So, how about you? What's your training interest? Please comment below and let me know.


Tim Sales