Today we're going to be talking about network marketing success. Who earns millions? Who earns zero? And why?

I was watching a guy on a stock market news station interviewing a billionaire named Ray Dalio - his net worth is 18 billion dollars.

Ray was talking about WHY there was such a wide spread between the wealthy and the poor in America. What he said blew my mind (and started me on this journey).

Ray said, "We have 22% of the high school population that is either disconnected or disengaged. A disengaged student is one that attends high school, but doesn't participate. They don't study, they don't really make progress. A disconnected student is one that they don't even know where they are. These students are not going to be productive."

Network Marketing Success: Do Most People Fail? 

That's when I began to think about our own industry and that phrase "most people fail."

It became immediately obvious to me that we have a "wealth gap" also... for precisely the same reasons...the majority of members (reps or distributors) are either disconnected or disengaged; they never seem to grasp network marketing success. 

What Creates Network Marketing Success

So what creates network marketing success? 

  • I've heard it's your why, you have to have a why
  • I've heard that you've got to be prospecting every day 
  • I've heard that you've got to build a culture

These are certainly all factors that lead to network marketing success, but what you want to do is get down to the one irreducible point, or in other words, the one factor that truly determines if you can achieve success in network marketing. 

Success in network marketing all comes down to this one point, and then you build from there. And that starting point is training interest.  

Network Marketing Success Comes Down to Training  

Training interest is number one.  If you want to achieve that elite status of network marketing success, you have to be willing to do the training. 

When I was in high school I was a disconnected student. I should have failed in high school, but because I could wrestle, they keep me moving along. When I graduated, I joined the US Navy, and while I was in bootcamp, I watched a video of the most elite in the navy - the Special Operations: the Seal Team, explosive ordnance disposal and navy divers. 

Navy training drill. Tim Sales uses this same training approach for network marketing success.
In the Navy, we drill until we can't do it wrong. I use this same approach to be elite in MLM and help others achieve network marketing success.

When I watched the video, I thought, "I want that." And I've got to tell you, what I was getting into was way out of my league, but I just kept moving towards it, and it was the only thing that caught my full attention.

There’s a rule in the Navy and that is that we train, we drill, and we drill until we can't do it wrong. I was swept up into that activity, and as a result, I ended up learning really complicated things. In the Navy I learned if you want to get better at anything in this world, find the right training, then you can be incredible at it. 

"If you want to get better at anything in this world, find the right training, then you can be incredible at it. "

Tim Sales

What I discovered as I started my network marketing business, was that if I was going to have success in network marketing, and if I wanted to be elite in MLM, it was going to come down to training. 

Evaluating Network Marketing Success  

So in network marketing, there are people who are really bad at it; they never achieve network marketing success. There's people who are elite at network marketing, and then there’s a bunch in between.

Just like in school, I’ve assigned a “grade” to each of these categories. There’s also other criteria like: 

  • Relationships: who damages relationships versus who lifts relationships up
  • Activity level, how active are they  
  • What is their knowledge level on their subject - how well do they understand network marketing, their company and their product 
  • How much money are they likely to make in the given category

Network Marketing Success:  Grade F 

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales

The first on the list and the furthest from any network marketing success is the bad student, or the F student. This person damages relationships and people don’t want to talk to them again. They make income and product claims, and they’re likely to spam their friends’ social media accounts.

This person has no interest in training; they simply don’t train. 

Their knowledge level is very low, and their income? They don't make money, they lose money. 

These people give the network marketing industry a bad rap. As an industry, we are being evaluated based on the F students in the network marketing industry. 

Network Marketing Success: Grade D

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales

The D networker is mediocre and is still far away from any sort of network marketing success. Unlike the “F” students who completely destroy relationships, these people harm them.

The best example of this is at Thanksgiving dinner, when your sister will not stop talking about her deal. And then she invalidates you because you're not interested in joining her. 

They provoke trouble and they point blame for their lack of success in network marketing on others instead of taking any personal responsibility for it. Their knowledge level is low, and they lack certainty. Their training interest is low, and they complain a lot about training. Their lack of certainty comes from their lack of engaging in training. 

As far as income goes, I’m really being generous here. This group is far from network marketing success, but with a D grade, I’d estimate this person makes about $10,000 a year.

Network Marketing Success: Grade C 

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales

Now, as we move along, we start to see that these next groups tend to have more success in network marketing. Grade C students are good and they are frequently professional in the way they conduct themselves. They have good activity level, good knowledge, and make between $50,000 and $75,000 a year.

The C-grade networkers have training interest, but it’s only one-way training, and that is really what keeps them from achieving big-time network marketing success. Meaning, they receive the training but they won’t rehearse and drill what they have learned. 

Network Marketing Success: Grade B

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales

This group is excellent, and they're mostly professional. Very rarely are they not professional, but sometimes they get a little aggressive. Their activity level and their knowledge level is high. Their income is up to $250,000 a year, sometimes more.

This  group - they have network marketing success in sight. They are the people who are willing to rehearse. They will rehearse until they get it right, but a soon as they get it right, they’re done. 

Network Marketing Success:  Grade A

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales

The ultimate goal and achievement of network marketing success is Group A - the elite group. They're always professional, very high on the activity level, very high on the knowledge level, and their income- they are the ones that earn millions. 

This is the group of elite network marketing success stories. And the only little division between the B and A group is that the elite rehearse until they can’t do it wrong. That is the fundamental difference, and it’s the only reason that I’ve been successful in network marketing. 

Network Marketing Success: Those Who Train Succeed

So let’s come back to the original question: Network Marketing Success - who earns millions?  Who earns zero? And why? 

Network Marketing Success chart by Tim Sales
Network Marketing Success very much depends on a person's training interest.

Based on my own success in network marketing the answer is those who train succeed. And those who do not train, fail. 

"In network marketing, those who train succeed. And those who do not train, fail." 

Tim Sales

If you feel like your path to network marketing success is not on track, I recommend you start at Network Marketing Power, which is a free training resource I’ve put together for everyone in network marketing. Use it, and learn this industry so that you are proud to belong in it and join the elite ranks of network marketing success.