We're just about the wrap up our Straight Talk series on YouTube, and I'm so humbled by all the feedback and positive comments from you guys about it.

Today, there's 3 myths about network marketing businesses that we're tackling.  These are the one-liners and sound bytes that are trying to kill your business:

(1) Only the people at the top make any money; 

(2) Only those who get in early make any money; and 

(3) Only those who open a new territory (or new country) make any money.

You've gotta be so careful who you listen to on this, because the "advice" changes dramatically, based on who you talk to.  Today I'm gonna you the real truth about this industry, from my own 30 years of experience in the trenches.

Look, I don't mind critics.  

But I do mind when people are out there badmouth Network Marketing strictly for their own agenda.  They're trying to destabilize your network marketing business, so they can get you to switch gears and buy their training course instead.

I think that's dishonest, and just plain wrong.  Let me show you, so we can end these ridiculous arguments they're making once and for all.