A lot of people don't know how to evaluate a business. They don't know how to evaluate a network marketing company.

They join it because they like the product, or because their friend is making money.  

But in my experience, few people do the research up front to see if the company is really viable.

So if your company shuts down, who is at fault?

Let's talk about it… You have a responsibility as a leader if you're going to recruit others to join or to buy your products.  

If your company crashes, it's really easy to say "I did nothing wrong," but my belief is that if you chose the wrong company, then you DID do something wrong.

It's a hard conversation to have, but you must understand that you're putting your reputation on the line when you recommend something to someone else.  

There's no official training on how to choose a network marketing company that I'm aware of, but there's certainly a lot of clues along the way.

The haters out there are exploiting this drama to set you up, and today we're gonna dig into this, so I can show you what it is.