This video was a tough one for me...

I've been going through a skeptic's video, piece by piece, to show you the hype and the flaws in his arguments.  It's been fun, up until now.

This week, he accused the industry (which is us) of saying we're about helping people and developing leaders… but that deep down, we really only care about pushing products.

Words like this cut right to my heart, because as leaders, developing and training our teams is a solemn duty, and it's something I take very seriously, and I know you do too.

Of course we have to move products.  Moving product is how someone earns commissions.  Without it, there's no business.  

But could it be possible that we're training and developing people to help them get better, so that they can earn more money for themselves and their family?

It's a business, not a social club.  And the ones who win in this business are the ones with the best training.

Let's stand up to guys like this who have no idea of the heart and soul we put into our business and our people.