Have you ever been in a meeting where the upline are making outrageous claims about your products?  Did you believe them?

And more importantly, did your prospects believe them?  Or was their "Yeah right, give me a break" alarm going off?

How believable are you when you're talking about your products?  And where is that fine line between what you should and should NOT say?

Unsubstantiated product claims do happen in network marketing, especially with health products.  It's unfortunate, but they do.  

People get excited about their product when they've had a transformation in their life, and they want to tell the world.  It's human nature.

But it's easy to get carried away.  It's easy to go too far, even with the best intentions, and you have to nuance this very carefully. 

What's even more interesting to me though is how angry and upset these skeptics get about it.  Why? Because oftentimes, a person who is most appalled about someone else's behavior is usually doing that behavior themselves.

I'd love to know what other areas do you see people making outrageous claims, and what do you think of the people making them?