Despite what the haters would have you believe, none of these things define an MLM business:

Do you have to talk to your friends and family? NO. 

Do you have to do hotel meetings and home parties? NO. 

Do you have to hit up every stranger you meet in an elevator?  NO.

In a network marketing business, you are not bound to any particular prospecting method.  In fact, our industry is one of the only ones in the world to give you freedom and autonomy to pursue your business in the way that works best for you.  

Are you a social media person?  Great, use that.

Are you good at building sales funnels?  Great, use that.

Prefer face-to-face conversations?  Great, use that.

There are a lot of "negative" ways that people have seen Network Marketing be done in the past, but most of them are "behavioral" issues by an individual that result from a lack of training and poor mindset.

And the anti-MLM haters or vultures are out there using emotional quips like these, trying to destabilize you, because once you're shaken, then they can sell you their own stuff.

I think that's just plain wrong.  And today, I'm calling out these people, because they're spreading false information, causing confusion, and well... I think it's time someone stood up and pushed back on those who would seek to badmouth and criticize this industry.