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Not Getting Customers... is Illegal?

Is it legal and ethical to sell "the potential of earning money?" The haters and skeptics out there accuse network marketers of "just trying to get other people to join their business." They say we "don't get customers" or that "it's a total scam" or a "sham", even "illegal". Lots to unpack here, so let's […]

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Network Marketing: Is Recruiting A Bad Thing?

I saw a comment against network marketing recently that said, “THEY’RE just trying to get other people to join their business...”  as if recruiting is a bad thing.   But I had to pause for a moment… because, doesn’t every organization have to recruit?   Sports teams recruit.  Churches recruit. Colleges recruit.  The military recruits. Charities recruit... […]

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Does Network Marketing Create Too Much Competition?

Does the "replication and duplication" of reps in MLM cause there to be too much competition?   Some people complain that it saturates the market too fast and doesn't set territorial restrictions, which "hurts people in smaller towns and rural areas."  Being from a small town myself, I'd like to weigh in. In my view, […]

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I Tried Network Marketing, It Didn't Work!

Have you ever heard someone say, "I tried Network Marketing, and it didn't work"?   Maybe they say something like "the company failed" or "my sponsor didn't help me" or "my team didn't do anything…" Today is about perspective, because this one thing can make or break you when it comes to network marketing success […]

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What Are They Afraid Of?

It's almost impossible to find a "fair and balanced" story on network marketing. Anywhere. Do you ever wonder why the media is so focused on negative stories about Network Marketing? Ever wonder why they're afraid to show a success story? Who's really behind it, and who can you trust? Today we're talking about what happened […]

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7 Reasons People Say “Don’t Do Network Marketing”—and How to Respond

Is someone telling you “Don’t do network marketing?” Why might they be giving you that advice? How should you respond? You know, my dad told me not to get into network marketing. He knew somebody who had been in the military for twenty years and was living on a pension. This person was enjoying a […]

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Does Network Marketing Still Work?

Haven't the times changed? Hasn't the internet and social media made MLM businesses a thing of the past? Tim Sales responds to a negative user comment and gives some new insights and stats into how huge this industry has become, with advice on how to be successful in 2019.

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Is Network Marketing Risky?

Is Network Marketing risky? And by that, I mean, is it possible you could lose something by pursuing it? (like credibility with friends/family/colleagues?) Is there ever a place for someone who's fearful in network marketing? I know a thing or two about risk from my years in the U.S Navy Bomb Disposal ... and today […]

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Ridiculous Bonuses in Network Marketing

"There surely must be something wrong with network marketing if a company pays their top 200 distributors through their annual Bonus Scheme, how they can end up with $1M to $2M payments. What skills/value add do these people bring to the company? Some people are in their 70s!" Today I'm going to explain how the […]

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Startups vs. Saturated - Do You Have to Get In Early to Win?

Today we're talking about network marketing startups vs. established companies, where the market is more saturated. Do you have to get in early to win big? I've done both, and I've seen the good and bad of both options. And it's not what you think.

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