In this episode of "Straight Talk" I'm going to expose yet another example of how competitors try to poach network marketers by badmouthing the industry and name-calling. 

These guys are out there pretending to be haters for the purpose of getting traffic and eyeballs onto them, so that they can sell you their product instead.

Notice the emotional language they use to elicit a reaction:

  • "You feel so dirty, like you need to take a shower "
  • "Like a cheesy salesman"
  • "Drag family and friends to your meeting"
  • "You've gotta pounce on people"
  • "Brainwashed"
  • "Everyone is a potential recruit"

I'm exposing their technique, because it's time someone stood up and pushed back on those who would seek to badmouth and criticize this industry. 

You're not brainwashed because you're in business.  And you're not brainwashed if you're in network marketing.  There is a professional way to do business, and there is a sleazy way to do business, and you are the one who must decide how you run your operation.  

As for me and my team, we will always keep it professional.  In fact, today I'll show you a little bit of my "Inviting" formula that I personally use.