I'm blown away at the response we've been getting from this new video series called Straight Talk.

Today, in part 3, we're going to look at the claim that "Network Marketing products are always more expensive" due to the company paying commissions on multiple levels.  

But is that really true?

This is another favorite of the loudmouth haters out there badmouthing the industry, without any real data.

Let's have fun with this one, because I've got a news flash for our friends here about just how many people get paid, even for something as simple as buying a peanut.

I'm calling out these people, because they're spreading false information, causing confusion, and well... I think it's time someone stood up and pushed back on those who would seek to badmouth and criticize our industry.

My hope is that through this series, you gain a newfound confidence in the work that we do, and that you'll be well-equipped to stand up to social media bullies like these.