I'm starting a new series of episodes called "Straight Talk" to address one of the main reasons Network Marketing gets a bad rap...

And that's from the haters out there, who are usually either misinformed or have their own agenda to push.  

In this case, here's one such person who is actively trying to pollute our industry… only, it turns out he has an agenda of his own.  

Today we're going head-to-head. 

Just a warning, this guy is brash.  He's abrasive. He claims to know it all.  And he'll assure you that “people won't like you if you're in network marketing”, because... well, he "knows MLM inside and out."

Really?  Let's see about that... 

I'll be the first one to stand up to these guys, and I hope you’ll join me to set the record straight, and fight for truth and honor in our industry.