Here's another way competitors talk trash about Network Marketing... they make inflammatory videos filled with half-truths (or outright lies) to capitalize on your emotions, so they can get eyeballs and traffic for their own agenda.

Today they're talking about how "there's no way you can do this business part time."

These guys are claiming that "to make thousands (not even 10K) is a full-time endeavor."  Now, I do believe in hard work and taking massive action, certainly.  

But you gotta ask, who's really telling the truth here?

When I first joined an MLM company, I had to do it part-time, because I was in the military and I had a commitment -- there was no way for me to get out.

What's important here is not whether part-time is possible (hint: it is), but how to do it.  And so that's why today I'm going to open up and show you something I call "The Pipeline" and how I personally do it.

Again, I'm calling out these guys, because they're spreading false information, causing confusion, and well... I think it's time someone stood up and pushed back on those who would seek to badmouth and criticize this industry.